About us

Just 4 Labour started trading in 1992, our function was placing undercover security officers in order to point out theft.  Our clients started replacing staff with undercover agents, this proved to be extremely costly.  We addressed this problem by establishing Just 4 Labour in 1994 and have being supplying cost effective staff to all sectors in the market ever since.  In 2010 Trade unions started claiming the banning of labour brokers, again we adapted and started outsourcing the total HR functions.

In today’s labour market it often happens that Employers, “New Business owners and even existing Employers” do not keep up with new labour laws, do not know how to handle complicated labour matters and/or simply don’t have time to deal with such matters.  In the past this has proven to be very time consuming – and if handled incorrectly could be extremely costly.  We at Just 4 Labour work within the law, adhere to all labour regulations and keep updated as changes are made.

Our Mission

Quality Service

Just 4 Labour has a mission in bringing quality service and real value for money to our clients.

Creating Opportunities

Creating opportunities to attract new clients and giving them the best we have to offer at affordable prices.

Going the extra mile

Going the extra mile to ensure existing and new clients are getting the best our company has to offer.

Making Sure

Making sure all health, safety and labour laws are followed through.

Why Just 4 Labour?

Just 4 Labour take over the total HR function, meaning: Just 4 Labour will be responsible for the following services:


A) All labour related matters: Disciplinary procedures, pay queries, etc


B) Sourcing of new staff


C) Union and wage negotiations


D) UIF and SDL contributions


E) WCA contributions


F) Leave schedules


G) Wages including; sick leave, leave pay, etc


H) Pension fund contributions (If applicable)


I) S.I.R.A contributions